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  • Intro: Welcome to Mauro and Steve
  • Mauro’s lockdown experience in Northern Italy
  • Dealing with reality by putting it on paper with ink
  • Using sketchnote skills to check and analyze news
  • Getting ideas out of your head though sketchnoting
  • Anticipating little pleasures after lockdown
  • Creating an “after the pandemic ends” list
  • Mind mapping thoughts as visual therapy
  • Taking advantage of this time to create new habits
  • Steve Silbert on helping team mates and others
  • Resetting expectations in a state of change
  • J-Curve: it will get worse before it gets better
  • Importance of patience, open-mindedness, and empathy
  • Practicing empathy and patience
  • Virtual Happy Hours
  • Choosing the right tools for your situation
  • Planning meetings with breaks between
  • Retrospectives: what’s working, what isn’t
  • Imagining new games for remote teams
  • Exploring new tools
  • The new normal going forward
  • We’re being forced to be creative
  • Benefits of this virtual moment
  • Online Museum Tours
  • Marianne Rady: Discovering Self-Care
  • Tweet-a-Day on self-care
  • Protect yourself with self-care
  • Managing energy levels
  • Drawing as self-care
  • Self-care experiments
  • Thinking of your energy as a battery
  • Start with minimums
  • Counting streaks to build habits
  • Long and short habits
  • Emotional self-care
  • Sharing self-care ideas with others
  • Daily check-ins
  • Supporting teams with chat tools
  • The “New Normal” can be a gift
  • Sketching another person’s thoughts as a gift
  • Wrap-up



  • Put your thoughts down with ink on paper
  • Build a “what I’ll do when this is over” list
  • Mind mapping as visual therapy
  • Use this time to create new habits
  • Practice patience, open-mindedness and empathy
  • Have a Virtual Happy Hour
  • Build in retrospective moments
  • Experiment with self-care ideas
  • Be safe: mask and gloves
  • Get outside, start a hobby
  • Practice listening, it’s a super power
  • Sketchnoting someone’s thoughts as a gift to them



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