Full Show (Bucs/Packers preview, Nets/Cavs, Lakers, Tyreek Hill, Aaron Rodgers' mindset)


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00:00 Will the Packers be able to fix their issues against the Bucs’ pass rush?

23:12 Should Brooklyn be worried after the 147-135 loss to the Cavs?

42:24 Did the Bucs benefit by playing an injured New Orleans in the last round?

56:30 Has Josh Allen emerged as an elite QB during this run to the AFC Championship?

1:07:04 Should the Lakers be worried about closing out games moving forward?

1:16:30 Orlando Scandrick joins to preview the Bucs/Packers matchup.

1:28:41 Are you buying Tyreek Hill’s explanation for pushing his coach on the sideline?

1:37:52 Does Aaron Rodgers have the right mindset heading into the NFC Championship?

1:47:36 Should the Nets be concerned after Collin Sexton outplayed Irving, KD, and Harden?

1:54:13 Who will win tonight: Lakers or Bucks?

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