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On this week’s episode, Steve, Dana, and Julia are joined by Slate’s music critic Carl Wilson to take on Taylor Swift’s Folklore. Then, the panelists discusses school reopenings, riffing off of Dana’s recent op-ed for the Washington Post. Finally, they break down this week’s comfort watch—the 1936 screwball comedy, My Man Godfrey.

In Slate Plus, the hosts are joined by Slate staff writer Lili Loofbourow to discuss her recent pieces on cancel culture and online debate.

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Other items discussed in this show:

Taylor Swift’s New Album Reveals That Social Distancing Has Served Her Well” by Carl Wilson in Slate

Held back: As parents realize how badly the U.S. botched the next school year, we’re furious” by Dana Stevens in the Washington Post

The Cancel Culture Trap” by Lili Loofbourow in Slate

Illiberalism Isn’t to Blame for the Death of Good-Faith Debate” by Lili Loofbourow in Slate


Dana: Dana’s original drink “This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison,” inspired by a Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem. To make the cordial, boil a 2:1 ratio of lime juice to water on stove until reduced to half. Sweeten to taste. Mix with bourbon or rye whiskey. Throw in basil or mint leaf as garnish.

Julia: Strand by the Spinanes, especially “Winter on Ice.”

Steve: “Publish and Perish” by Agnes Callard in the Point.

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