Fallout 3 | #10


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Welcome to the Capital Wasteland. You have been wandering the irradiated ruins all of your life looking for a sense of belonging and a safe place to rest your head. But there are dangers lurking around every corner - Because war never changes. Will you be able to find your home sweet home? Have a listen and find out.

This Sleep Mode session invites you to enjoy a lovingly crafted audio experience filled with the colorful characters and dangerous creatures that roam the Fallout universe. We hope you enjoy this episode and get some well deserved rest. Good night, gamers.

Wind down after a long day of work or play with Sleep Mode's bedtime stories & guided sleep meditation for gamers. Travel through mystical worlds from your favorite video games as we slowly put you right to sleep. A Glitch Labs Podcast, brought to YouTube for all gamers to enjoy.

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