John Murphy - How an American Nightmare Sparked a Food and Gardening Revolution


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John Murphy is today's guest and can best be described as a man with passion all the way to the roots. Yes, you've just read Slo Mo's first published pun.
John is the founder of Lettuce Evolve, a revolutionary garden technology company he created to literally save his life. In 2009, after finding success in pursuit of the American Dream, John suddenly found himself facing a nightmare when he burned out so bad that he became incapacitated for seven years. Modern medicine had no answers, and he needed to eat upwards of seven nutritional meals a day just to meet his caloric needs.
Struck by the high cost of organic produce and disillusioned with the toxic system that made him sick in the first place, he drew up and built the first Aquarium-Powered Vertical Garden in his small room while still ill. Since then, he's been on a mission to promote self-sufficiency through his company's space-saving gardens that can provide all your organic fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the cost and space, all without soil, right in your home.
John and Lettuce Evolve are currently running their IndieGoGo campaign and I urge you to support this mission if it resonates with you. I am not profiting from this in anyway and only recommending something I personally think is amazing, as always. Growing the freshest possible food in a small corner of your living room with no soil, sunlight, or skills required? Sign me up.
Listen as we discuss:

  • The sudden internal "explosion" that incapacitated John for over seven years.
  • His diagnosis with Adrenal Exhaustion and extreme weight loss and disability.
  • Why the American Dream can quickly become the American Nightmare.
  • We are not giving our bodies the fundamentals of what they require.
  • Why does John's body consume calories so rapidly? Still a medical mystery to this day.
  • The Vertical Garden: a self-cleaning fish tank that grows the freshest possible food without soil or sunlight.
  • John's vision: a vertical garden in every home, leading to a healthier world.
  • Are these gardens a threat to farmers?
  • John's crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, which you can support here.

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