Sarah Grynberg - The Art of an Interview, Exploring the Unknown, and the Ultimate Power of Love


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Today’s guest is my friend, Sarah Grynberg. Sarah and I have developed a Zoom relationship across the last several years. Our relationship is proof that digital communication can create deep bonds, and I truly adore her for all she represents.
Sarah is a specialist in teaching people of all ages how to adopt the habits and strategies of life’s greatest leaders to help them live their most inspired life. She is the current host and producer of one of Australia’s most top-rated wellness podcasts, A Life of Greatness, where she’s interviewed some of the world’s biggest celebrities. Through her experience over decades of working with some of the world’s biggest names, and her own ongoing research studying life’s greats, Sarah has formulated her own blueprint to achieving greatness.
Via these practices and techniques, Sarah's ultimate goal is to impart this wisdom and knowledge on all who are open to listen.
Listen as we discuss:

  • How my and Sarah's friendship has evolved.
  • The ability to connect deeply over interviews thousands of miles apart.
  • The art of the interview, and why Sarah can't interview just anyone.
  • How each guest brings a new lens, and behind the scenes of podcasting.
  • Sarah's process of spiritual awakening and learning the Law of Attraction.
  • Her career journey after a Dark Night of the Soul and an answered prayer.
  • Seeing people as humans before seeing them as celebrities.
  • Going into the unknown and understanding that the universe is not personal.
  • How does Sarah cope with stress?
  • Which guests on Sarah's podcast have impacted her the most?

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