An extraordinary small business owner, Heidi Kaisand, shares her story on Small Business Conversations with Tom Shay


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Heidi Kaisand has quite the story that she shares on Small Business Conversations. A decade ago she started a quilting store. Eight years ago she added to those responsibilities her work with the industry magazine, American Quilt Retailer. A year later she purchased the publication and is now the publisher and editor. She also creates online academies for other business owners in the trade.

Her business is unique in that it finds ways to include the customers with their purchases. Heidi makes equipment available for the customers to use and she has multi-day camps for customers who travel hours to buy and use the equipment. The second floor of the building is part dormitory and part workshop for the customers.

Heidi has an amazing story and you can hear the details in this month's Small Business Conversations with Tom Shay

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