How Ladies Get Paid and Level Up with Claire Wasserman


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#088 Today I'm talking with author and founder of Ladies Get Paid, Claire Wasserman. This was originally a live we recorded in the Motivated Mama Society, which gave our community the chance to ask some questions you're likely asking about the gender gap too.

We're talking about why you need to trust your instincts more, why you should always be intentionally growing your network, and how to negotiate raises and get recognized for the value you bring.

(6:24) This was the one comment that kickstarted all of Claire's research on the gender gap

(12:08) This pinpoints why women have a tendency to discount any work we do that is natural and fun

(19:14) Here are some tips for how to negotiate a raise

(26:38) Learn about the time Ladies Get Paid got sued for gender discrimination by a men's rights activist group

(38:27) These are some ways to make sure you get acknowledged for the work that you're doing

(52:24) Chelsea's Top Takeaways

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