How to Identify Fraud to Save Money on Health Care with Angel Cellucci


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#091 In today’s episode, I'm talking with board-certified nurse and trainer, Angel Cellucci about how to identify medical fraud. Angel is on a mission to help empower individuals to be better consumers of healthcare. She helps people make sure the medical care they get is necessary and offered at a fair and reasonable price.

We're talking about how often medical fraud happens, what you can do to prevent medical fraud, and how you can be more effective when you do have to advocate for yourself.

(4:28) Do you know the difference between medical abuse and medical fraud?

(10:15) Follow the DOVE framework to actively prevent medical fraud

(20:34) Learn the 4 blatant types of billing errors or medical fraud

(32:41) Here's how you can approach the process in order to make sure you get errors resolved

(51:21) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways

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