Carpe Diem is the Term


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Dr. Reid Hester is a psychologist and researcher. He is the founder and director of the science division of Checkup & Choices. Reid’s extensive research in alcohol abuse has led to professional opportunities and collaborations with many experts in the field. One long-standing partnership has been with SMART Recovery.

In this podcast, Reid talks about:

  • His educational background and path to earning a doctorate in psychology
  • Meeting the “rising star” William Miller in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1978
  • Finding a kindred spirit in Tom Horvath, a founding member of SMART Recovery
  • Publishing findings from a drug and alcohol abstinence focused protocol, in conjunction with SMART, in the Journal of Medical Internet Research
  • How the pandemic is affecting recovery
  • The Checkup & Choices approach and app
  • Receiving funding for continued research through Small Business Innovative Research Grants
  • Carpe diem is the term when looking for web-based applications to make changes
  • Future innovators including Chess Health and Vorvida
  • Reasons to be hopeful and optimistic in recovery
  • The positive ripple effect

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