If Me; Yes You


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Shawn Fisk is an addiction treatment counselor in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His lived personal and professional experiences have led him to challenge cognitive discrepancies and chart a new path for his and his clients’ lives.

In this podcast, Shawn talks about:

  • The privilege of working at Serenity House, an intensive, in-house men’s recovery home
  • Giving the residents the opportunity to model and practice new skills to replace old behaviors
  • His life as a competitive athlete and sports psychology coach
  • Getting the opportunity to hit the reset button
  • Taking Carl Young’s advice to find the courage to look at the dark things and find freedom
  • Learning to value himself enough to take care of himself
  • Applying SMART tools to behaviors like over-eating or spending
  • Understanding labels
  • Freedom from judgement
  • His perspective on Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Helping people see their value
  • Finding a new hobby every year

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