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There is a list of people who we have wanted to get on the show that for one reason or another we just haven't been able to land.
We are doing a special show just to squeeze in one such guest. Charles A. Gardner, PhD has been a very vocal advocate for tobacco harm reduction for a long time. His work has been invaluable in debunking and refuting the efforts of public health in name only charlatans and profiteers.
Charles has been a twitter warrior calling our people like Ruth Malone, Stanton "Glans" "Glantzing at breasts" Glantz, and many others.
This Tuesday we are thankful before Thanksgiving to spend some time talking to Charles about human rights, evidence based policy making and vaping/tobacco harm reduction advocacy.
Join us Tuesday, November 24th at 7pm Eastern on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for a fun, information packed conversation.

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