Bonus Episode - Justin Kobylka of Kinova


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Kinova… that’s all. Nothing else. Be a Do Be… Don’t be a Don’t Be. This exclusive, first look interview with Justin Kobylka will answer all of your questions on the who, what, where, and why in regard to the name change. This is definitely one you don’t wanna miss. Listen to it on the trip to Tinley! Say hi to all of the Fatman sponsors like Kinova, ReptiChip, MorphMarket, SD Design, and C-Serpents! And don’t forget, come visit the Fatman at the HERPS Exotic Pets and Reptile Shop Grand Opening on Nov. 13th in Bryan, Texas. For all of you goin’ to Tinley, have a great time and stay safe! #kinovareptiles #snakesandthefatman #fatmannation

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