Episode 67 - Dennis McNamara of DJM Captive Bred Reptiles


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Meet the most bad ass animal/reptile keeper you’ve never heard of. Dennis McNamara is the Assistant Curator of Reptiles at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk. He has the dream job of working with hundreds of different reptiles and for some godforsaken reason… he also breeds ball pythons. I had to know why. Dennis is a brilliant guy to talk to and you can’t help but learn something from the stories he tells.

Also, Denise and Alan Britton of Recoil Reptiles kicks ass on the final 15 Minutes of Lame of 2021.

This will be the last episode of the year except for the Christmas Episode being released on December 25th with Justin Kobylka of Kinova and Brittney Gobble of Gobble’s Reptiles. We will return on January 1st 2022 with the winner of the 2021 15 Minutes of Lame Contest.

Also there will be no Zoom calls for the month of December and the first Open Zoom Call for Reptile Keepers will take place on Sunday, January 9th, 2022!

I want to thank all of our listeners, viewers, patrons and all the rest of ya that popped by over the last year. We have some amazing things coming in 2022 and can’t wait to show you guys! I hope everyone has a great holiday season and again, we honestly can’t thank everyone enough. See ya in 2022! (Well… and on Christmas!)

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