Episode 79 - Michael Steffani of Mike's Monitors


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Episode 79 is out now and it was a F’N BLAST. All the triggers are discussed on this show… Nido Witch Hunts, Trans and Gay People not being accepted in the community, Victim Mentality, and all thru the lens of one old Eye Talian and one slightly younger Eye Talian Mix. We get a lil bit Chicago, a little bit New York and a whole lot of aggravated with PC and Cancel Culture. Oh, I didn’t mention this earlier but Mike also breeds some of the best monitors in the country!

We also have Caleb Howell from Caleb’s Exotics and More on this week’s brand new 15 Minutes of Lame… so I mean… that might bring the show down a lil, but hey, they can’t all be home-runs.

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