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A lot of today's games have something in common in that they represent a leap in quality over similar games that we may have seen on past systems, but still fail to be truly recommendable today.

Lethal Weapon is a 2D platform game that's based on a license that's playable and presented well, but still isn't amazing enough to shake the stigma of being a cynical cash-in.

Musya is a game that we'd never heard of before researching it for this show and comes to us from a handful of obscure and short-lived Japanese game companies. And yet, it's close to being amazing but a few unfortunate design choices prevent it from getting into "hidden gem" territory.

Finally, NHLPA (which arguably fairs the best of all of these games today) is almost accessible enough to bridge to gap for non-sports folks like us, but doesn't quite reach that lofty goal. It's still a solid hockey game if that's what you're looking for.

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