Race Drivin' Edition


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The games are bad. We actually found one that is worse than Pit Fighter!

But let's not focus on the bad, let's look at the positive instead.

We want to shout out some great folks, all of whom you should follow on Twitter:

If you like spooky things, then you need to follow @NerdsFTC

If you enjoy in-depth movie analysis, you should absolutely follow @CatchingCinema

If you just like 90s nostalgia, then you'd be remiss if you didn't follow @knvgprimetime

if you like Drunk History but wish it covered more topics, then I'd be very sad if you didn't follow @DrinkipediaPod

Finally, if you like what we do, then I imagined you'd like what @SNES_is_Life does as well.

Thanks to all of those folks for being friends of the show.

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