E326 - Club Sonic ROCKS (20 Jun 2020)


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Celebrate Sonic's 29th birthday three days early with Club Sonic ROCKS, a two hour DJ set of rock music from his Modern era! Tracklisting: Sonic Runners - Beyond The Speed Of... Sonic & The Black Knight - Crystal Cave Sonic Adventure 2 - Chasing Drive Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) - Flame Core ~Volcano~ Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity - Spiral Madness Shadow the Hedgehog - Air Fleet Sonic Rivals 2 - Frontier Canyon Sonic Forces - Luminous Forest Sonic Adventure - Skydeck A Go! Go! Sonic Free Riders - Theme of Rocky Ridge Sonic Generations - Chemical Plant : Act2 Sonic Heroes - Stage 08 : Bullet Station Sonic Adventure 2 - Keys The Ruin Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) - Wave Ocean ~The Inlet~ Sonic Unleashed - Rooftop Run - Day Sonic the Hedgehog - Throwback Collection - Under Ground Zone (Throwback Remix) [Tee Lopes feat. Jun Senoue] Sonic Mania Adventures - Big Arms Jun Senoue The Works III - Boss: CHAOS ver.6 [S.A.M.E. Version (2016)] Shadow the Hedgehog - Death Ruins Sonic Runners - Theory Of Attack Sonic Adventure - Crank the Heat Up!! Sonic Heroes - Stage 13 : Egg Fleet Sonic Lost World - Dr. Eggman Showdown Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Angel Island Zone Sonic Generations - Mushroom Hill : Act2 Sonic & The Secret Rings - Blue On The Run Sonic Free Riders - Theme of Metropolis Speedway Sonic the Hedgehog - Throwback Collection - Splash Hill Zone Medley (Throwback Remix) [Tee Lopes feat. Jun Senoue] Sonic Adventure - Red Hot Skull Sonic Rivals 2 - Mystic Haunt Sonic Heroes - Stage 07 : Rail Canyon Sonic Riders - Sonic Speed Riders Sonic & The Black Knight - Dragon's Lair ~ Sir Sonic's Route Sonic Adventure 2 - Live & Learn Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) - [BOSS] Solaris Phase 2

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