E327 - RadioSEGA'S Opposite Week (27 June 2020)


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Saturday Night SEGA joins the cast of shows tossing aside the rulebook this week as GreenViper8 takes SNS headon, and anything goes! That of course including VOCALOID, RS stories and TheKingFatman dirtily describing a SEGA game... Tracklisting: Jet Set Radio Future - Count Latchula Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight (Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night) - Mass Destruction (Tetsuya Kobayashi Remix) -Long Mix- The Super Subway Bros. - Ethno Circus (Inhu Remix) Aero Elite: Combat Academy (Aero Dancing 4: New Generation) - Tryno Bass No. 041 Altered Beast [8-Bit] - Werewolf & Gold Werewolf (FM) Daniel Baranowsky - Knuckleduster OutRun [Switch] - Driver's MegaMix Vol. 1 Sonic X-Treme [Unreleased] - Trench Binary Domain - Japanese Police Chase Sonic 3D [Saturn] - Special Stage Sonic Shuffle - Blizzard of Coast SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection [Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection] - Retro Dreams (Main Menu) Yakuza Karaoke Selection - GET TO THE TOP [Remix of the END] Qjimbo - Fresh Prince of Tidal Tempest ennui beats - bruh (Baka Mitai Trap Remix) IIEz - Mother's Day Interlude Faseeh, Jorito feat. Joshua Taipale - Minecart Adventures Super Meat Boy [2010] - Betus Blues (Chapter 2 Light World) Anamanaguchi feat. Hatsune Miku - Miku JP ver. Burning Rangers - We Are Burning Rangers ~English Version~ DM DOKURO - KILLER COMPLEX

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