26. Autonomous Vehicles, Oceanic Currents, and Creative Outlets with Waterlust Founder Patrick Rynne


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What do material engineering, autonomous ocean vehicles, ocean currents, and creative communication have in common?
At first glance, it doesn’t seem like much.
It’s amazing to see how different parts of your story weave together to make the fabric of your life that just makes total sense. And that’s the story of Patrick Rynne. From pursuing his undergrad in material engineering all the way to earning his PhD in applied marine physics, Patrick has combined the experience he’s gained along the way into a single word: Waterlust.
Waterlust is an advocate apparel brand that’s making a splash in both science communication and the clothing industry with creative films and durable, beautiful clothing that will instantly transform the wearer into the aquatic creature of their choice.
In today’s episode, we learn how seemingly disparate life pivots eventually connect, more than a few lessons in persistence, and one of Patrick’s favorite lessons to both teach and live by: the triangle of life.
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