Episode 541: Sam Culper, Former Intel NCO and CEO of Forward Observer


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This week, SOFREP Radio Host Steve Balestrieri sits down with Sam Culper, CEO of Forward Observer.

Forward Observer is an Intelligence services company specializing in threat intelligence, trend analysis, conflict monitoring, and applied intelligence training. Culper started Forward Observer in 2012 when he transitioned out of the military intelligence community. He began looking at unrest in the United States and started to see indicators of low-intensity conflict — from both the left and the right — and began to track those indicators much like a military intelligence cell would.

Culper and his team at Forward Observer use evidenced-based reasoning and structured analytic techniques to think clearly about the future of American conflict.

They work to challenge status quo thinking about instability, collapse, systems disruption, and conflict through weekly analysis and intelligence reporting. They have a proven track record of offering high level, accurate insights and perspectives.

Listen in this week to increase your situational understanding, make better decisions, and reduce your uncertainty about the future.

Don't forget to check out Forward Observer, here.

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