2020 Summer Book Club #2: The Pacific Alone with author Dave Shively


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Show Notes:

President Scott L Wyatt and Steve Meredith are joined by Dave Shively to discuss his book The Pacific Alone, the second installment in the Summer Book Club series. They discuss Ed Gillet’s journey across the Pacific Ocean and Shively’s process for gathering all the details and writing this book.

Featured Quotes:

You just keep moving forward and if things get bad, take a break. Stop and eat, make camp, and then you get up the next day and you keep moving because you know that you’re more capable than you thought you were.
David Shively quoting Ed Gillet

We expect comfort and all of our endeavors to be achieved with minimal effort. Yet, here is somebody who could have done the same experience, gone to Hawaii with minimal effort, but chose to take the absolute most difficult path.
David Shively

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