026 – Survivor Stories of Hope


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We began this season talking about trauma-informed care, and how End Slavery Tennessee infuses this approach in all they do–including this podcast. We have a unique ability to share sex trafficking survivor stories directly from the survivors themselves, but not every survivor is ready or able to share their story in a way that’s empowering or healthy. Sometimes, the sharing of their stories can cause more harm. This is why direct care staff at ESTN have a carefully regimented process to determine who may be a good fit for a survivor interview on this show. Although we are working with survivors daily, not every episode of Someone Like Me features an interview with a survivor.

But, we empower survivors by finding other ways for their voices to be heard.

Today’s episode is incredibly special, as it’s entirely made up of survivor-submitted content, centered on the idea of HOPE. These stories and submissions from survivors were shared willingly, shared in their own voice, and actors read the juvenile stories for this episode.

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