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Listening to the inspirational author James Nestor talk about his new book, Breathe, on the Joe Rogan Podcast, he mentioned the amazing Iced Viking - Chuck McGee III. We dropped Chuck a note to see if he wanted to join us on the podcast and despite his post Rogan fame, luckily for us, he agreed.
Over the last year or so, we'd become more conscious about breath work and how it was creeping into Elite Sport. We'd heard it was being used in cycling, there's even a mumuring that breath work explains Chris Froome's descending position in the Tour a few years back. The England rugby team have supposedly been using it and there are many more examples.
Chuck was able to give us a great insight into breath work, what it is, various types, the advantages and more. We talk about being a Wim Hoff Method and Oxygen Advantage Instructor. We discuss potential performance gains, taping the mouth shut to sleep, holotropic breathing, feeling light headed, climbing mountains in the snow in just a pair of shorts, slowing your heart rate, ice baths, and lots more – we even do a couple of exercises for you to try.
Below are some resources, it's well worth checking out or joining one of Chuck's free classes. Feel free to contact him to ask any questions too.
The link to Chuck's free Zoom classes if you are keen to give them a go, they are 11am Pacific Time on a Sundays and Mondays 9pm Pacific Time.
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