#36 - This and Next Year's Shopping Review – We Look at Proper Budgeting, Meaninful Gifting and Charitbale Giving


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In this episode David and Cindy discuss how to manage your holiday budget so that you can avoid building up credit card interest. In addition, they discuss the real art of meaningful gift giving, cost effective ways to give to a charity and the white elephant gift event.

In the roundtable, they discuss a past encounter where they followed a drunk driver and got him off the road who turned out to be a local priest.

In the Coronavirus montage, the first story highlights Christmas trees and why some of them have praying mantis eggs hanging from their branches.

The second topic covers the monolith that was discovered in Utah and who has since stolen it from the desert.

In the last story, Cindy shares unusual stories that people encountered from their past holiday parties.







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