Voyage to the Vulva-Verse III: How Unrealistic Beauty Standards Harm Us


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It’s 2021… I don’t know about you, but we’re rejecting outdated notions of beauty society has imposed on us! We take what makes us feel good on the inside, and leave behind what doesn’t! Take it from Kate Low, who grew up in the era of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows (push up bras, flat tummies, long slender legs). She’s since built a lingerie brand, Perk by Kate, which puts the comfort and needs of women at the forefront. How do modern brands and consumers work together to take back power in our own hands?

Voyage to the Vulva-verse is a 5 part series in collaboration with TWO L(I)PS and Strip, as we embark on a journey as vulva-owners to understand ourselves a little better. New episodes every last Wednesday of the month!

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