149 Fabrice Grinda: 4 Incredible Stories from the OLX and FJ Labs Co-Founder


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Fabrice Grinda is a wildly successful entrepreneur and investor. In this episode he recounts in detail 4 stories that any entrepreneur – any person, really – will find fascinating.

The first is the story of building one of Europe’s first marketplaces before eBay got there – and what happens when you turn down $100 million for your company.

The second is the story of Zingy, and what it’s like to grind without capital and miss payroll 27 times, before ultimately succeeding.

Third, Fabrice talks about building OLX, the global trading platform, after Craig Newmark refused his offer to fix Craigslist. Learn what happens when OLX and its competitor go to war and spend billions on – TV advertising.

Finally, Fabrice offers his considered view of the future: On how climate change is being addressed through technology, and how COVID has affected startups that will ultimately change the world.




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