How the Internet Alters Your Brain & Why You Should Let the World See Your Weirdness


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Everyone doodles. It is just something we do, especially when listening to a boring speaker. Yet doodling is actually not a distraction - it can really help your memory. Listen as I begin this episode by explaining how.

Is the Internet messing with your mind? It certainly is according to Nicholas Carr who took a close look at the research on this for his book The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains ( (which, by the way was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize). Listen as Nicholas makes the case that constantly being connected and available online takes a toll. While the Internet has many advantages and makes life convenient, there is a price we all pay that you may not realize.

Being a little weird may actually be your greatest strength. In fact, your weirdness can propel your personal and professional success. That’s according to Chris Williamson who gave a TED Talk on Embracing Your Weirdness ( earlier this year. Listen as he explains just how unique you really are and what you can do for yourself and the world by expressing it. Chris is also the host of the podcast Modern Wisdom (

Life is full of problems. While you may not know what problems lie ahead, you can be sure they are there waiting. Listen as I offer some interesting advice that will help you better handle those troubles and crises when they do come along - and the will. Source: Brain Tracy author of Crunch Point (


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