How to Get People To Give You What You Want & The Amazing Benefits of Being In Nature


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Some people always seem to look great in photographs. How do they do it? This episode begins with some simple tricks that will make anyone look better in any photo - every time.

How do you get people to give you what you want? You usually have to ask - but it’s all in how you ask according to Dr. Meg Myers Morgan, an assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma and author of the book, Everything is Negotiable The 5 Tactics to Get What You Want in Life, Love, and Work ( Listen as she explains some really effective strategies to get what you want that don’t require the skills of a master negotiator.

You know that smell after it rains? It turns out that smelling that smell is actually good for you. And that’s just one of the many reasons why we need to spend more time outdoors in nature according to my guest Lucy Jones who has researched the science about the amazing benefits of being in nature. Lucy is author of the book Losing Eden: Our Fundamental Need for the Natural World and Its Ability to Heal Body and Soul ( Listen as she explains that it doesn’t take a lot of nature to enjoy real physical and mental health benefits.

When you go on a job interview, should you speak proudly about your accomplishments or remain a bit modest? The answer seems to depend on who you are. Listen as I explain.


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