The Real Reasons People Drink Alcohol & How You Acquire Knowledge


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Everyone likes to laugh, and it turns out there are some real health benefits to laughter. This episode begins with how laughing may just be the best medicine.

Drinking alcohol is something people have been doing for centuries. Why? Is the appeal of drinking just to get that buzz or is there more to it? Why are some people able to drink socially while other people have had their lives destroyed by alcohol? Are there really any health benefits of drinking? These are some of the questions tackled by my guest Edward Slingerland, a professor of philosophy at the University of British Columbia and author of the book Drunk: How we Slipped, Danced, and Stumbled our way to Civilization (

You are constantly acquiring knowledge and learning new things throughout your life. Yet, there is a good chance no one ever taught you HOW to learn. Or taught you what are the best ways to learn something so that whatever you are learning actually sticks. There turns out to be quite a bit of research on how learning works and joining me to discuss all this and help you learn anything better and faster is Barbara Oakley. She is a professor of engineering at Oakland University in Michigan and author of the book Learn Like a Pro: Science-Based Tools to Become Better at Anything (

Everyone is encouraged to donate blood if they can. It truly does save lives. Nevertheless, a lot of people don’t give blood and one reason is the fear of fainting. It feels terrible and can be so embarrassing that many people who do faint after giving blood never donate again. Listen as I explain the amazingly simple remedy that prevents it.


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