76 Years On Stage - Josh White Jr.


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Josh White Jr on Facebook has a 5-star musical pedigree, having performed competently at the age of 4, continuing to delight audiences across the entire country for another 76 years (so far). The musical genes of his father, Josh White, flowed powerfully through all the family, with Josh White Jr developing a devoted following with decades of touring and 16 recordings. Josh spent several years in acting before settling into his lifelong musical career, combining a powerful stage presence with consumate guitar & vocal skills. It's more-or-less what you'd expect of the godson of FDR & Eleanor Roosevelt. All music written and performed as attributed below: He's So Wonderful - written & performed by Sam Cooke The Green Grass Growing All Around - performed by Josh White, & Sam Gary Wherefores and Whys - written by Gordon Lightfoot, performed by Josh White Jr on Live At The Raven Gallery English Is Crazy - written by Josh White Jr, performed by Pete Seeger Sometime - performed by Josh White, Brownie McGhee, & Sonny Terry Words From Unity - words by H. Emilie Cady, music & performance by Josh White Jr Say A Prayer For A Stranger - written & performed by Josh White Jr

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