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Your Man Alex Smith is a Brisbane based independent singer songwriter with a theatrical twist. He studied at QUT and is an incredible story teller and performer which comes out in his live performances and his on screen acting with very creative music videos. Heartbreak, disapointment, depression and hardship have been the tools to shape this hard working artist into the man he is today. He says "blood sweat and tears" went into the making of his last album and continues to navigate a new covid world for the performing arts and has seen many friends go on to do amazing things within the industry.

Using catchy hooks to sneak contemplative lyrics to the listener, Alex’s genre-hopping theatrical rock is a story-driven experience with a lot of heart. While Alex is inspired by bands like Queen, Meat Loaf, Pink Floyd and The Protomen, his sound is often compared to the likes of They Might Be Giants and Ben Folds. Alex pays huge thanks to members of his Patreon, a service which greatly strengthens his connection with his audience and boosts the rate of production of his third studio release ‘Slow Burn’ which is set to release June 18th Alex is also the host of podcast My Songs Suck with his close friend James Kehoe. The show is available to stream on Spotify and all podcatchers.

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