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She knew and her parents knew that this is who she was, music was her thing and they were going to help her stay focused which has been a huge blessing in her life. After being diagnosed with ADHD she was angry and her grandmother got behind her, got her the electric guitar she had always wanted and encouraged her that no one can ever define who you are except yourself. In this episode we discuss co-writing, all areas of music and development and whether we really can change who we are, or not? As a coach and songwriter to the core, Francesca and Rae Leigh discuss her life long journey and how she is working tirelessly to support others in the industry.

With a background and formal education in opera and "the classics", Francesca is equally comfortable on stage at The House of Blues as she is at Disney Hall. Teaching, coaching writing and using takelessons.com to work with people from all over the world she is making waves in the world of music that most of us would never know. Working with a choir that started to support people homeless and living on the streets Francesca work with them weekly bringing hope love and community to a space where it can be rare. The Choir just this year auditioned on America's Got Talent and Terry Alan Crews the host of the show was so moved by their performance and original song that Francesca helped them with that he hit the Golden Buzzer. A moving moment to see that there really is power in numbers.

See the Americas Got Talent full audition here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tAyPwL-JCI

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