#151 Peter Smokie Dawson


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The Dawsons are a country family through and through. From Ballarat to Yapoon and then back to Tamworth. Australian farms and country music are a deep rooted part of this family and Peter Smokie Dawson is sharing his passion for country music at country music festival all over Australia.

In this episode we talk about his journey as a young boy passionate about the guitar and settling down into a married family life as a windscreen professional for a long time before getting back to his passion for country music after an injury. Rae Leigh and Pete met at the singer songwriter retreat in 2016 and they were both in a low place and co-write a song together called "All I Can Do". They talk about their meeting and Pete shares his travelling stories as he goes from festival to festival sharing his songs and songs from legions past.

Captain Moonlight - By Peter Smokie Dawson - see live performance on the Songwriter Trysts Facebook Page or listen on Spotify HERE

All I Can Do - By Peter Smokie Dawson & Rae Leigh - view HERE

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