After Dark: How Yellowjackets Became the Surprise Sleeper Hit


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Yellowjackets Season One Podcast Review

Welcome to Sordid Cinema After Dark, a series of bonus episodes in which we break down our favourite shows, past and present. Join Randy Dankievitch, Ricky D, and rotating guests as they discuss the current state of television and why they love the shows they love!

In our inaugural episode, we review the first season of Yellowjackets, the new series from Ashley Lyle, Bart Nickerson that became the sleeper hit of 2021. For the unfamiliar, Yellowjackets tells the story of a high-school soccer team who survive a plane crash deep in the Ontario wilderness and how the traumatic events continue to haunt the survivors, twenty-five years later. Think, Lord of the Flies meets Lost meets Pretty Little Liars meets The Craft. Yellowjackets is many things, including our favorite new mystery drama of the year.

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