Sordid Cinema Podcast #608: With Malignant, A New Horror Icon is Born!


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James Wan’s impact on contemporary horror is undeniable. The Malaysian-born Australian filmmaker is not only the co-creator of the Saw and Insidious franchises but he’s also the creator of The Conjuring Universe, the second highest-grossing horror franchise of all time.

Marking his return to horror after a detour into family-friendly blockbuster filmmaking, James Wan’s Malignant once again proves that the producer/director still knows a thing or two about making good horror films. Malignant is a fine patchwork quilt of ’70s and ‘80s horror films and best described as a modern-day Sci-fi, supernatural Giallo with an outlandish plot that feels lifted from the best and worst Dario Argento films.

This week on the Sordid Cinema Podcast, we’ll tell you why Malignant is one of our ten favourite horror films of 2021 and why we had such a fun time watching it!

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