Sordid Cinema Podcast #609: Why Censor is one of Best Horror Films of 2021


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Censor Review

The act of censorship cuts deep into the heart of Censor, a slick first feature from Welsh writer/director Prano Bailey-Bond. Censor is a nostalgic treat for anyone old enough to remember the infamous “video nasties” scare of the early eighties but it’s also a film about the power of editing, memory, and dealing with traumatic events from your past. In other words, it’s a movie about the grieving process and how deep-lying emotional trauma can cloud one’s identity and judgment— but it’s also a kick-ass psychological horror film that we happen to love. This week on the Sordid Cinema Podcast we break down this wonderfully ambiguous, introspective, thoughtful film and tell you why it landed on our list of the best horror films of 2021. All this and more!

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