Alexandra Shipp


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Clark interviews his “Love, Simon” co-star, actor Alexandra Shipp (“X-Men,” Straight Outta Compton”). Alexandra reveals she just wrapped filming Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Tick, Tick…Boom,” and describes working during the pandemic. Clark asks Alexandra about her evolving journey with activism, and how that affects the decisions she makes with her career. Alexandra talks about what it means to be mixed race. Clark brings up his first memory with Alexandra on the set of “Love, Simon.” Alexandra reveals her “still I rise” mindset. Clark asks Alexandra about growing up in Phoenix, AZ, and how she tackled racism and colorism in her home town. Clark and Alexandra breakdown how she feels so comfortable taking up space on set (and we’re all taking notes). Finally, Alexandra shares what is currently healing her mind, body and spirit—her Soul Balm. Executive produced by Clark Moore (IG: @mrclarkmoore) Co-Executive produced by Simone Spira (IG: @simcitay) Produced by Liz McDonnell (IG: @liz_mcdonnell) Soul Balm is a Paradoxical Production. (IG: @helloparadox)

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