JoJo (Singer-Songwriter)


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Clark interviews actor and Grammy winning singer-songwriter JoJo. Clark asks JoJo about growing up in Massachusetts, and her New England grit. Clark and JoJo bond over their individual drive as artists, and both being full of confidence at a young age. Clark asks JoJo about her rise to fame at 13-years old, and her subsequent legal battle with her old label. JoJo details her emotional journey as she realized over 500 songs she had written would never be released. JoJo reveals what wellness practices got her through that tumultuous period in her life. Clark and JoJo bond over both wanting to be great students in therapy. Clark asks JoJo about starting her own label, and hones in on her resilience. Finally, JoJo shares what is currently healing her mind, body and spirit—her Soul Balm.

Executive produced by Clark Moore (IG: @mrclarkmoore) Co-Executive produced by Simone Spira (IG: @simcitay) Produced by Liz McDonnell (IG: @liz_mcdonnell) Soul Balm is a Paradoxical Production. (IG: @weare.paradox)

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