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Clark interviews actor, comedian, and podcast host extraordinaire Matt Rogers (“Las Culturistas,” “Haute Dog”). Clark asks Matt about growing up on Long Island and his journey with coming out. Matt shares his experience with anxiety attacks at a young age. Matt educates everyone about Mariah Carey’s “Butterfly,” and Clark and Matt bond over both having a sexual awakening after watching Justin Timberlake’s music videos. Clark asks Matt about discovering his love of performing at NYU in a sketch comedy group. Clark and Matt discuss “Las Culturistas” (which started over 5 years ago!) with friend of the pod, Bowen Yang. Clark and Matt talk about the lack of queer representation in films, which stems from a patriarchal fear of gay sex. Clark asks Matt about his friendship with Bowen. Matt what it was like to audition for “Saturday Night Live.” Finally, Matt shares what is currently healing his mind, body and spirit—his Soul Balm.

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Soul Balm is a Paradoxical Production. (IG: @helloparadox)

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