Ryan O'Connell


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Clark interviews writer, comedian, and actor Ryan O’Connell (known for Netflix’s “Special,” and his memoir, “I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves”). Clark asks Ryan about growing up in a small beach town an hour north of Los Angeles. Ryan reveals how important the movie “Cruel Intentions” was for him. Clark and Ryan discuss the lack of accessibility for disabled people. Ryan shares that after being hit by a car, he was more comfortable saying that his disability was from the accident, instead of cerebral palsy. Clark asks Ryan about his first writer’s room in Hollywood. Clark and Ryan discuss being rejected in Hollywood and how it motivates them. Clark asks Ryan about the second and final season of “Special,” streaming on Netflix 5/20. Finally, Ryan shares what is currently healing his mind, body and spirit—his Soul Balm. Photo Credit: Ryan Pfluger Executive produced by Clark Moore (IG: @mrclarkmoore) Co-Executive produced by Simone Spira (IG: @simcitay) Produced by Liz McDonnell (IG: @liz_mcdonnell) Intern Sally Elizabeth Young Soul Balm is a Paradoxical Production. (IG: @helloparadox)

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