Vella Lovell


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Clark interviews his “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” co-star, actor and cat lover Vella Lovell (“The Mayor,” “The Big Sick”). Vella reveals what it was like meeting Clark during season 4 of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” Clark asks Vella about being raised in New Mexico, and she shares what it was like growing up in predominantly white spaces alongside her mother. Clark and Vella bond over both being young pianists (RIP Clark’s mini-cooper). Vella breaks down moving to New York City, and the challenges and joys that come from living in the city. Vella and Clark bond over their love of education, and Vella shares what her first day of grad-school at Juilliard was like. Clark asks Vella about working on her brand new show, NBC’s “Mr. Mayor” alongside TV legends Tina Fey and Ted Danson. Finally, Vella shares what is currently healing her mind, body and spirit—her Soul Balm.

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