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Do you want to learn how to manifest more wealth, happiness, freedom, and love? Tune into today’s SWP and learn from Kim! She’s a manifestation coach and the founder of Mind Your Vibe™. You’ll get a lot out of today’s SWP episode!

In Today’s SWP Episode You Will Learn: The biggest mistakes people make when manifesting How energy, not strategy, attracts more clients and leads Entrepreneurship doesn't have to be hard: how she built her business with ease as a spiritual entrepreneur

Kim Khunaraksa is a Manifestation Coach and the founder of Mind Your Vibe™, a platform for all things mindset and manifestation. She helps people master the law of attraction so that they can easily manifest a life they love. Kim also hosts the Mind Your Vibe™ podcast, where she interviews high vibe guests and gives weekly inspiration, insight, and tools for manifesting a life of joy, freedom, and abundance. Kim is living a location independent lifestyle and traveling the world with her husband. When she's not coaching, podcasting, or connecting with her tribe, you can find her at a vinyasa yoga class, reading a personal development book, or drinking a green smoothie.

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Ryan Yokome is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. Over the past decade, Ryan has helped thousands of entrepreneurs with a spiritual approach for getting out of their own way to unleash their greatest purpose. Ryan is a spiritual entrepreneur, transformation coach, nature lover, and the host of the Soul Wealth Podcast.

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