LET THE LIGHT IN: Awakening through Song, Spirit and Seva with Raghunath Cappo


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Today we drop into the big picture and celebrate the power of light, love and sound with sage and storyteller, Raghunath Cappo.

With a sense of ecstatic presence and divine humor, our guest Raghunath envelopes us into what feels like a giant and juicy cosmic hug: we speak about his journey from singing in a punk band to becoming a monk and now serving as a beloved yoga teacher and conduit of Vedic lore through his Wisdom of the Sages podcast. We discuss the sacred nature of sound, the responsibility of leaders, why it is important to see the light in every situation, how wild singing and chanting can help us dismantle our egos, and why using art and shakti energy as an offering to the Divine can help heal the planet.

This special Diwali episode is charged up with loving energy and reverence for all life. We honor Raghunath for his time and gracious presence and for illuminating how this day and Hindu holiday can serve as a portal to transcend the polarity, the division, fear, segregation, and “darkness” of the moment.

When you realize growth is the goal, everything aligns within the path and every experience serves as a part of the evolution.

Light a candle, set an intention for healing, listen and soak in playful the wisdom of our guest. Blessings, Raghunath!


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