SEA TO SKIN TO SOUL: Beauty, Business and Consciousness with OSEA’s Melissa Palmer


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There is a new and powerful kind of beauty emerging as a leader in the industry: KIND BEAUTY. Literally. As in, beauty that is rooted in kindness, reverence and love for the planet. And today’s guest is a leader in the field.

We are thrilled to welcome Melissa Palmer, beloved friend, visionary and CEO of OSEA, beloved brand and skincare company based in Malibu California, which honors the healing gifts of our ocean and the conscious cultivation of beauty, on all levels.

We chat with Melissa about her journey as an entrepreneur, how her work is inspired by a lineage of strong women, the ways in which OSEA has been a pioneer for clean beauty, regenerative production models, the simple daily practices that Melissa utilizes as a leader, cosmic consciousness hacks, pressure management, hippy success moments, OSEA’s unique approach to formulations and more. Melissa shares how growing up in an intentional community has impacted her as a leader, why she believes seaweed is a gamechanger for beauty and some exciting new OSEA offerings.

Tune in and soak up Melissa’s grounded, down to earth, honest, human and heartfelt approach to business and growth. She truly embodies the expression of leadership the world needs right now.

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Loving you, Melissa!

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