Klezmer For My Grandmother


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Producer: Daniel Helena Alexander In the summer of 2019, I fly to Israel with a single goal in mind. I want to play a song. But not just any song. I want to play a Klezmer song. This podcast follows my journey meeting Jewish musicians and dealing with family tragedy to compose a personal song. “Music doesn’t lie.” You'll agree when you hear how beautiful, haunting, and inspiring Klezmer music can be. Music: “Miter Der Lerrer” by Di Gasn Trio “Schwartz Doina and Al’s Dances” by Daniel Hoffman “San Diego” by Blink-182 “Bagopolier Freylekhs” by Klezmer Israel “Hora de Concert” by Emil Aybinder “In Your Arms” by Forestt “Music for Bows and Feet” by Daniel Hoffman “Festival Excerpts” by HaBalkania “Hora Mittsibeles” by Alicia Svigels “Excerpts” by HaBalkania “Niggun” by Gal Klein

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