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Sovryn Tech First University--otherwise known as STFU--proudly presents the next anarchist (and, in the Stallion's opinion, Egoist) classic, this one written by Hakim Bey: "The Temporary Autonomous Zone." Originally published in 1991 as a long essay and not a book, this series will cover the "Temporary Autonomous Zone" part of the book, and its 2nd Edition Preface only, and with this final part, it now includes the later written "Permanent Autonomous Zone" essay from 1994 by Hakim Bey as an added--and important--bonus (not originally published in book form. Links to the essays, and the 2011 2nd Edition of the book are included below.

This audiobook is performed by the Man of Tomorrow himself, Brian Sovryn as part of Sovryn Tech First University. For the very first time in the Sovryn Tech Podcast Feed, this is being released in its complete form.


"The Temporary Autonomous Zone 2nd Edition" Link:

"Original version of 'The Temporary Autonomous Zone'" Link:

"Permanent Autonomous Zone" Link:

(We are aware there are other audiobook editions available. Trust us, they suck.)


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