Zomia ONE Underground Ep. 0365: “Sovryn Top 8: Nintendo DS without the 'i'"


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WOO! Time for another Sovryn Top 8! And this time we’re updating for 2020 and beyond the Nintendo DS Top 8 Games of All-Time! One largest game libraries in history (no DSiWare here, folks), and unique controls, it was time to talk about this venerable system once more. And it was requested by you, the listeners!

  1. Super Mario 64 DS
  2. Contra 4
  3. Metroid Prime Hunters
  4. Kirby Super Star Ultra
  5. Infinite Space
  6. StarFox Command
  7. Yoshi’s Island DS
  8. New Super Mario Bros.


Castlevania Trilogy: Order of Ecclesia, Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin

Chrono Trigger

Super Princess Peach

Dragon Quest 4-6

Retro Game Challenge 1&2

Mario Karat DS

Intellivision Lives! DS

The World Ends with You

Advance Wars: Dual Strike


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