Harden's return, Clippers taking control, Chiefs vs. Browns, Anthony Davis, Aaron Rodgers


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00:00 Are the Nets making a mistake rushing James Harden back?

16:30 Have the Clippers taken control of the series?

29:06 Do the Nets need James Harden to win the series?

41:54 Agree with Travis Kelce that the Chiefs & Browns are “neck and neck”?

54:44 Convinced the Clippers are unstoppable right now?

1:05:24 Who’s under more pressure tonight: Giannis or Kevin Durant?

1:16:44 Can Anthony Davis take the torch from LeBron?

1:22:44 Expectations for James Harden tonight?

1:26:55 Wiley & Acho discuss the latest in Aaron Rodgers’ holdout situation.

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