Mike McCarthy + Cowboys coaching report, Baker Mayfield, Trevor Lawrence, OBJ, Nick Swisher on World Series Game 1


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00:00 Are you worried Mike McCarthy has lost the Cowboys’ locker room?

14:38 Reaction to Baker Mayfield’s wife defending him on social media?

30:40 OK with Aaron Rodgers defending Mike McCarthy amid criticism?

39:36 Should Trevor Lawrence refuse to play for the Jets if they land the #1 pick?

50:21 Any issue with McCarthy’s response to the criticism against him?

1:00:56 What do you make of Odell Beckham Jr.’s frustration with the Browns?

1:10:54 Nick Swisher joins to discuss Game 1 of the World Series.

1:18:21 Are the Patriots struggles on Cam Newton?

1:26:42 Uncle Jimmy joins.

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